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MindShift Membership

The search for that "thing" to help transform your life is right here!

Positive mindset shifting dresses your thoughts in optimism as you start your day. You are what you think about so our mind shifting tools help keep you in the flow of resilience, prosperity, tranquility, confidence and more. It aids you in overall wellness and success. It's what you've been looking for. 

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Benefits Of The MindShift Membership


360 days of inspiration, and motivation. MSM is a easy, consistent up-level for your mindset that aids in personal and spiritual growth. This program delivers directly to you the daily tools and triggers you need to form healthy, positive mindset habits that change your life. The tools include, audios, videos, worksheets, books, groups, gifts, community, discounts, specials and more.


Just as you dress your body for your day, the tools provided in MSM help you dress your mind with love, build resistance to stress, and develop confidence and excitement in the day ahead. It helps you focus your energy on the things you want instead of what you don’t want so that what shows up in your life, transforms you into a happier being. 


MSM helps you win in life. People with positive mindsets live longer. They receive pay raises and promotions and achieve greater success. They  make better decisions under pressure. Their marriages and relationships are more likely to succeed. They have a broader perspective on life. They are physically healthier, happier and they have more friends.  

I'm Here For You!

I will meet you wherever you are in your personal journey. My team and I put this program together because we love to encourage hope and goodness. Even as you go through the program, we are thinking of ways to add more value and give you the guidance and resources that inspire deep, meaningful, and sustainable changes in your life. We believe that the more positive value you receive, the happier and more fulfilled you become.

For people who are struggling with anxiety, feeling stuck or lack confidence, MSM is a great solution. For those who are on a spiritual journal — you have a beautiful, nurturing home here at MSM. If you want to feel joyful, supported and inspired every day — then the MSM is for you.

I’m here to create success with you. Tell me what you need, and my team and I will work to get it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mindshift Membership (MSM)

MSM is an online subscription that makes it easy to stay committed to your personal growth! Every day, you get tons of inspiring content from me. You can connect with a supportive community in our private Facebook group and join me for other courses, discounts and freebies.

2. What if I want to cancel my membership?  

If you decide the MSM isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase to receive a full refund. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the portal or the private Facebook group. After 7 days, if you decide the MSM, you can cancel your subscription renewal. Canceling the Membership renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when your monthly or annual subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership (including the private Facebook group) through the last day of your subscription 

3. What if I can’t finish all of the content each month? 

It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any past audio, download any printout, watch any video, meditation, etc., at any time. MSM gives you flexible structure. There are no rigid rules just a recommendation to set an intention self-nourish daily. The MSM is self-paced to keep down stress, work with your schedule and help you build confidence.

4. I’ve been on working on my personal development and spiritual path for many years. Will the MSM have anything to offer me?

Definitely! MSM will enhance your current personal development and spiritual practices. It will help you stay consistent with them. I’ve been on a personal growth path for many years and I’ve discovered that it’s a journey not a one and done. You never stop growing which is why I created MSM to be relevant to all levels of levels personal and spiritual growth. I will meet you wherever you are and make it effortless and fun to stick with your practices.

5. How is the Miracle Membership delivered? 

Everyday you will receive an email with the daily Mindshift audio, and you can access the membership portal at any time for printouts, videos and other membership entitlements. Everything is there from the day you started to the present. Each day, new information is released. MSM has content for 360 days and yours starts the day you join. Plus you can join our private Facebook group to find accountability partners, ask questions, share your miracles and have fun!